Are you focusing on the right things to grow your business?

A message for my soulmate client ♡

I understand that the world of business can feel like a daunting one.

Like a jigsaw puzzle where you are waiting for all of the pieces to drop.

And there is so much noise ‘out there’ to do things this way or that.

How are you supposed to know what is the right way for you?

And all you really want to do is be of service to your people, not thinking about all of this business and marketing stuff.

You started your business because you are passionate about something but all of these thoughts, the best way to do things, different marketing methods and tactics are killing it.

You feel flummoxed and frustrated, you sometimes feel like giving up.

I totally see, hear and feel you. I have seen all of this first hand.

I have worked with solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and business owners, helping them to grow and market, for the past 23 years. I have the experience, industry knowledge, qualifications and I have done all of the training.

But I also know there is so much more to growing your business than strategy and action alone, although this is of course vital.

There is foundational work that needs to happen, the intangibles of growing a business. The pieces of the puzzle that will ensure that you don’t spend precious time climbing the wrong mountain and burning yourself out on the way.

You need to look at your thoughts and your energy too. These are the intangible pieces, the bits that are often not acknowledged, overlooked, pushed through or ignored. But these are the elements that are crucial.

The truth is, if your thoughts and energy are not inline with the strategy and actions that you take, you are going to make growing your business a much harder experience for yourself.

Plus, y
our people will feel it.

Every post
Every sales call
Every conversation

This will be the message behind your message.

Aligned Business Growth
The energy that you are giving off, the intangible reason that your people don’t know why, but they just feel like something is off and decide to go elsewhere.

Whether it be..

You don’t have full belief in yourself and your abilities
You don’t feel worthy to charge this fee
You don’t believe people want to work with you
You are not sure you can do this

You can create a strategy, take all the actions, work on who your soulmate client is, how to best speak to them, create an incredible website, put out lots of offers….

But if you don’t feel the truth of it in your heart, if you don’t feel the excitement in your body, if your belief doesn’t match what you are asking your clients to believe of you..

There will be a disconnect.

This is why I added mindset, mindfulness and life coaching qualifications to my years of business and marketing experience, because these intangibles are more important than the tangibles you are so often told to focus on (website / client avatar / messaging / products and services).

True success will come when you can balance the two:

intangible / tangible
feminine / masculine
yin / yang
energy / action

If you are struggling to grow your business now, to create the results you desire, then you are out of balance.

I have seen it so many times, a few simple tweaks, often ones that you are not even thinking of as relevant, are the tweaks that can change everything.

And that is why my clients come to me.

To take a helicopter view of you and your business, to see where you are out of balance, to strip it all back, simplify and focus on the things that matter, the pieces that will move the needle in your business, in a way that is totally aligned to you.

I am a safe and nurturing space, to be open and vulnerable if needed, to open up to your true self and let the rest fall away, so you can start running your business your way and creating the success you desire.

If you are ready to create a business that you can grow with ease, simplicity and total alignment to you. If you are ready to stop looking for the silver bullet to building a business (there isn’t one) and discover the right way for you, one you can feel fully calm, confident and congruent in, then I am here to help you.

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Loads of love
Katie xx