Don’t put all your business eggs in just the social media basket.

Grow your business without social media

I started working in marketing and business development 22 years ago.

Well before social media was a thing and whilst this isn’t a post slamming social media, if you are struggling to get the results you crave from it, I would encourage you to take a moment to step back, and look at what you are doing with an objective, bird’s eye view of its role in your business. 

For every online influencer out there killing it on social media there are countless others who are slogging it out and not getting the results. There are also tons of people building their business using other marketing tactics, the ones that have been around much longer than the platforms we now rely on, because these ways are not only still relevant but still hugely effective. 

I see many of my clients so focused on the creation of content for social media that other elements of their business slip to their detriment, including serving the clients they currently have.

It can take a huge amount of time [if you let it] thinking of things to write, writing, searching for images, creating graphics, sizing graphics and posts for each platform, scheduling, posting, researching hashtags, checking back for comments, interacting, not to mention getting sidetracked by the scrolling. 😉

And that’s all great if it’s working for you, but if it isn’t creating the return on investment you would expect, then as a CEO of your business, you need to be really honest about this and make some decisions.

The thing is, there is a way to do social media far more quickly and efficiently than a lot of people do, but that is a blog for another day.  Quite often we can slip into the mindset of feeling like we’re doing loads of marketing purely because we find we’re hiding behind the busy work of just creating content, but there is so much more to it than that.

Social media falls into the category of longer term marketing activities, you build a presence and authority over time but if you are wanting to get known quickly for what you do, there are other methods you can use. 

Note – I say this as part of a considered decision, most marketing activities take time to show a result (although you can get immediate results too) so this isn’t about flitting from one thing to the next, not giving your full attention to anything and wondering why you are not seeing results. But if you have been following a plan, method, strategy (whatever you like to call it) for some time and it’s not working, then this is when you need to take a real look at how you are spending your time.

If social media is one of those, where you are not getting the results, or you are simply not feeling the love anymore, then it might be time to consider some other options.

Marketing activities to grow your business

These tips are for you.

  • Reach out to everyone you know.

    Friends, family, ex colleagues, people you’ve trained with, people in the supermarket queue, on the school run.

    Do they know what you do? Tell them! Quite often we can be so consumed with trying to get the message out to people we don’t know that we forget the people we do. These will be your greatest advocates as well, so make sure you let them know what you are doing and who you help, so they can pass your details on if they know of anyone.

  • Networking, or as I prefer to call it, chatting with people.

    I was under the impression I hated networking because of my past experiences of standing awkwardly in a room back drinking bad coffee, wearing a suit I hated and talking to a load of people I had nothing in common with, back in the early noughties. I’ve lugged that belief around with me ever since. If this sounds like you too, then it’s time for you to reframe networking like me! Because the reality is, there’s a whole world of business owners out there who you will have loads in common with and who need what you have got, so go find your people, because they are out there! Even if you live in a very rural area, there really is no excuse now, as no matter where you live in the world, you can find an event, if not in person, then online. I have attended loads of brilliant online networking events and I have been able to take my own delicious coffee and wear elasticated trousers without anyone knowing, bingo!

  • Other people’s audiences.

    There are other entrepreneurs out there who have done the hard work of building an audience already. Who are the people who have done this, that you admire and who have your soulmate client in their audience? How could you partner with them? Ideally you won’t directly compete, you will compliment. How can you add value to their audience? What could you offer them that their audience needs?
    • A guest blog
    • Masterclass
    • Training
    • Feature on their podcast or YouTube show

      This is a brilliant way of growing your network, not only of potential clients but amongst your peers, so they know what you do and can recommend you also.
  • Which leads me on to Joint Ventures.

    Do you have any peers that you can collaborate with? Do your skills / business compliment one another? Do you have a similar soulmate client but a slightly different approach, that everyone can benefit from? Could you do something together? Run an event, a training of some sort, or simply promote one another?
  • Word of mouth is by far the best way to market your business.

    You therefore want to make sure that when you do get a client you are 100% focused on serving them. I see so many people so focused on getting more clients, that they don’t deliver everything promised to who they have right in front of them. You want that person to walk away feeling like they have had the most amazing experience and tell everyone they know too. How can you make sure they have the best experience possible of working with you? You can also offer a little incentive with referral fees, perhaps some cash back, a free session with you or money off another offer/program?
  • PR.

    Getting featured in a magazine or the press is great on many levels, one you get in front of their audience but you can also use that within your own marketing to build authority, you can feature on your own website and everywhere else you have a marketing presence. Help a reporter is a great place to start, check them out here
Help to plan your content marketing

  • Content marketing.

    This is a huge topic, so I will write another blog about this, but a content marketing strategy is not the same as a social media strategy. Writing good content for your website, other websites or online blogs/magazines is a great way of generating traffic for your site and building authority. If you love to write, this is definitely something to consider. Google My Business is also a great tool that is often underused, especially for businesses that serve their local community. Remember, YouTube and Pinterest are not social media platforms, they are search engines, so creating content for them is a savvy strategy too. It’s a long term plan but it will also give long term results, unlike social media where a post doesn’t keep creating web traffic for you into the distant future. You can check out my FREE 30 days of Content Prompts here too.
  • SEO.

    Another huge topic, but one that needs to be considered if you have a website. I’m willing to guess that your site gets most of its traffic from searches or direct traffic, rather than social media. So it’s really worth making sure that your website is as clear as possible and from an SEO point of view, you are using search terms relevant to what you do. SEO isn’t part of everyone’s marketing strategy and I know plenty of people that have made a lot of money without having a website or having a very simple one. But, if it is part of your strategy long term, there is stuff to be considered here that can really make a huge difference, especially if you don’t want to be on social media all of the time.
  • Email.

    I would argue that every business owner needs an email list, because that list belongs to you. You know you can access them any time, there is no algorithm deciding who sees your content. Emails allow you to go deep and connect more, so make sure you are collecting your people’s emails where you can (GDPR compliant of course!).
  • Social media.
    I am not saying that social media is not an important part of marketing, it’s an incredible tool that allows us to access a huge audience, across the globe, for free, which is incredible when you think of it. But many of us can get blinded by this, and miss the fact that some of the more old school ways of marketing, the ones that are right  under our nose, like reaching out and talking to the people, are still great forms of marketing. It’s also getting harder and harder. 10 years ago it was so much easier to build a social media presence with the brands and businesses I was working with, including start ups, now it takes so much more effort, that’s why I always like to be 100% sure of my clients personality, long term goals and general version of success, before we work out what is the right marketing strategy for them and social media isn’t always the number 1 activity, which many other business / marketing coaches might well suggest.
Life and Business Coach

I am not saying that you have to do all of these, in fact that’s not my approach at all. I’m all about simplifying and making things easier, and as part of that, also more effective. 

What I do say is that it is important to consider what is right for you and your business growth.

My approach to growing your business is about simplicity and alignment, so you are not doing all of the things, just the things that move the needle in your business. That will look different for everyone, and that’s where the alignment piece comes in.

Perhaps you love to write, speak or prefer making videos? You might love crafting an in depth blog over a period of time and then sharing that with your community. Maybe your approach is more spontaneous and off the cuff, so lives and videos are perfect for you. 

You might be happy working 8 hours a day, or perhaps you prefer to work for just a few and spend your free time doing other things you love. That’s why it’s all about finding the right way for you, which is what I do.

If you are struggling to grow your business in a way that feels good to you, then I can help. You can book in for a free chat here or find out more about my 1:1 coaching here.

Katie xx

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