Happy New Year ❤️

I hope you have had a wonderful and restorative break.

January can be a bit full on in lots of ways, everyone telling you what you should or shouldn’t do, including in the business world..so we are not going to do that here!

I simply want to say to you…

How can you be more YOU this year?

✩ How would that look and feel if you were being true to your deepest core?
✩ Your truest desires?
✩ Who would you love to be?
✩ How do you want to feel, physically and mentally?
✩ How do you want to live?
✩ How do you wish your business to be?
✩ What work do you long to do?
✩ Which clients would you love to serve?
✩ What does your perfect day look like?

This is not a choice from your head but from your heart. So if you have time today, just sit with that for a while.

This Christmas break has shown me what I already know to be true.

I want simplicity, balance and freedom above all else.

Time to spend how I choose.

I love my clients. I love the work I do. And I love making money. But I also love time out in nature, going on adventures, finding new wild swimming spots. I love time doing yoga, reading, lighting candles and cozying down and time spent with loved ones.

I understand life can’t be like a holiday all year round.

That would soon lose its shine too.

But I do want to keep elements of how they make me feel, when I am living in more balance.

I don’t want to be on social media all of the time or the time off of it thinking about what I can say next. I don’t want to sound like everyone else on there, just adding to the noise.

Even knowing all I know, having done all of the work on myself that I have, I can still slip back into watching and listening to others. This isn’t bad if it is done with intention, but it’s not great if you fall back into trusting what you see and hear externally above yourself.

And the more we look externally at what is happening out there, the more we lose touch with the magic and unique voice that is inside of us..AND THAT IS WHERE THE MAGIC IS AT.

There is no power in being a clone of someone else you see online, you become fully empowered when you give yourself the space to be you, to know who you are, the courage to do things your way, trusting yourself completely even when all evidence points to the contrary. But in order to do this you must feel empowered, you must be the most YOU you can be and have full belief in yourself and how you chose your life to be.

Sometimes that needs a little bit of de-conditioning from how we have been taught things ‘should’ be and a whole lot of choosing new beliefs.

So that’s my choice for 2022 to be more me, to be brave and courageous enough to [continue] to do things my way, to simplify and to belief in myself. I have found my way, I know my purpose, my passions, my strengths and weaknesses, I know how it all links to my numerology and Human Design, so it is all aligned. My job is now to stick to it!

No more chasing shiny objects (luckily I do have will power with my defined ego centre!) and empowering my intuition to guide me.

All roads, for many years, have been leading to this moment in time.

And I finally feel completely calm and grounded to follow the beat of my own drum.

It is so liberating.

After so many years of not trusting myself, always looking externally for answers, keeping an eye on what others are doing, hoping they would tell me what was the best thing for me to do this New Year.

To stand solid in my own power is incredible and so freeing.

And this is exactly what I lead my clients to do too. So if this sounds like the kind of 2022 you would love, to create more space, freedom and time for the things that light your soul and make you feel in balance, every single day, I’d love to guide you to create a business that does that for you too. Let’s do this together. Find out more about 1:1 Business Coaching here.

Lots of love

Katie xx
Katie Carswell Business Coach

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