Business Coach

What if you decided today to fully trust yourself? 

How would that change how you show up?

Would you still be stuck or would you trust that glimmer of excitement, the glimpse of inner knowing, and trust that it’s showing you the way?

Would you still be charging a fee that doesn’t match the value that you deliver or would you be charging what your skills, life experience, knowledge and the transformations you facilitate, is worth and fully embody and believe it? (Not to be confused with your worth, that’s priceless). 

Would you still be standing in the shadows or out there fully owning your brilliance?

Would you be thinking ‘nothing is working out for me’ or claiming the fact that ‘everything is working out perfectly for me’?

Would you be feeling, why does nobody want to work with me or knowing that everyone wants to work with me?

Would you be doing something that you feel you should or something that you love?​

This is the power of having a rock solid mindset, of working on your thoughts and your beliefs. It’s why mindset is a fundamental, core piece of the work that I do as part of my business coaching. I have seen it so many times, including within myself, and it honestly breaks my heart.

Good people with so much to give, amazing talents and skills, that can help so many, holding themselves back with some invisible force field of not feeling good enough.

Many of us are trying to grow our businesses in response to this feeling and it isn’t working. It’s not going to.

If you are doing all of the things and not seeing the results, you need to ask yourself why? Perhaps you need to streamline, focus your attention and your energy on one thing and be confident in doing so (not trying to be everything to everyone).

If you are consistent with your marketing and message, perhaps there is another block, a belief or pattern that is stopping the flow. 

If you are pinning your self worth on reaching a 10K month, building a business model to do just that, when all you really want to do is paint or create, that’s not going to bring you true success. 

Or you find you are constantly comparing yourself to others, chopping and changing with no clear sense of you and what you offer.

It’s exhausting..all of it…and it won’t grow your business.

So, what to do instead.

Just pause.

Take the time to explore you.

This moment, the stopping, is something so many of us fear because it means facing ourselves, our thoughts, our truth, who we are. It means taking a long honest look at ourselves. That is not always comfortable and our brain is programmed to avoid discomfort at all cost.

It is far safer to go with the crowd, stick to what you know, do what is expected. But ask yourself, is there joy here? Does this light me up?

Ploughing on regardless can result in several things. You can build a successful business [on paper] but feel like you are dying inside, you can get sick by pushing yourself to do work that doesn’t align with you and burn out. You can carry on as you are but never truly feel like you are living the life that you could be living.

Can you think of some others?

Is that how you want your life to be? 

Stepping outside of your comfort zone to do something different, is as you can imagine, uncomfortable. But so is living the wrong life and building the wrong business.

Learn to get comfortable with the uncomfortable, see it for what it is and move on anyway.

Learn to trust yourself, your judgement and your decisions above all else and stick to them.

This is where coaching is so powerful, you get support to get you unstuck, it speeds up this process and a hand to hold as you go through it.

I only work with clients 1:1 as I take my role of coaching you very seriously. 

I am 100% by your side, invested in you and your journey. I am in the trenches with you, so you never feel alone. We do the work together to empower you to find your answers, I am in there digging with you to make sure you find them.

My method of coaching has been designed and honed from 22 years experience of working with entrepreneurs and small businesses to help them grow. I know what you need and mindset is a big part of this, it’s not all strategy and tactics, it’s about your self belief, confidence, clarity and self trust too.

If you would like help learning to trust yourself on every level, that’s what I do. The work I do is bespoke to you but we have specific markers and checkpoints, to make sure everything within you and your business is lined up, so you can grow a business with more integrity, income and impact. You may need support in one area more than another and that’s where the power of us working 1:1, you know you will get exactly what you need.I want you to feel good about your life and business, empowered to make the decisions that are right for you and to fully trust yourself in doing so. 

If you would like to find out more about my 1:1 coaching, you can read more and apply here.