I believe as soul led entrepreneurs we are in an incredibly privileged position.

We have the amazing opportunity to be more conscious in how we live our lives, the way we run our businesses , the services and products we create and the marketing we put out into the world.

As a soul led marketer I feel it is my duty in particular to be part of that shift.

It’s why I am so passionate about what I do and who I choose/love to work with.

As a soul led entrepreneur/business owner, being conscious can mean several things.

🌙 We are conscious of how our marketing makes us feel.

🌙 What we choose to do, not because we were told we had to.

🌙 How we like to do things and the way we feel called to do it (being truly conscious means honouring that too.

🌙 Following our purpose and passion, even if it doesn’t make sense

🌙 Being authentic and coming from a place of total integrity.

🌙 People over followers/numbers

🌙 The messaging we create

🌙 The products and services we birth

🌙The legacy we want to leave.

🌙 The style of marketing we choose

🌙 The bigger impact of our actions

All of these are a conscious decision, if we choose them to be so.

This isn’t head led, this is soul led.

This isn’t about getting, it’s about giving (and receiving back because of that.)

Sometimes that means standing up to the status quo, the old, traditional, patriarchal way of doing things.

Which can feel confusing at best, terrifying at worst.

But I would urge you to be more conscious in your marketing, not just for your own personal and business wellbeing but for the wider implications it has.

You can effect a change that is so desperately needed, for us, for our children and generations to come.

You are a magic maker, trailblazer, soul creator and you are here to do great things.

How you decide to run and market your business is a HUGE part of that.

That is why I am dedicated to helping conscious change makers like you, shine your light on the world.

We do have the power to do things differently, if we choose, whatever our motivation for that might be.

You don’t realise how much power you have.

It is time to fully decide to be different and do different.

Katie xx

P.s If you are ready to do things differently fine out more here