Today in my Soul Alignment Session we were talking about wonder and how to incorporate this into your life.

Last night I was reading one of Florence Scovel Shinn’s books [again!]..every time I do something different jumps out at me.

This time it was the ‘Look with Wonder’ chapter.

Florence references the bible a lot but regardless of your religious denomination (or not) there is so much wisdom in these words.

To paraphrase her, there are many uses of the words wonder and wonderful in the bible. Jesus references a place, where all conditions are perfect, he calls it the Kingdom. Jesus says to enter the Kingdom we must become ‘as a little child’.

Children are continually in a state of wonder, joy and delighted expectation.

I have a 5 year old (she’s called Florence too) and I see her like this every day, to the point I tell myself to

‘Be more Florence’

when I find myself bemoaning a situation, taking something too seriously or getting stuck in negativity.

Children are wonderful at seeing things as they are, feeling their emotions and processing them(tantrum, crying, whatever it might be) then getting on with it. My daughter is unfazed by things ‘not going to plan’, it may concern her for a moment but she generally sees the gift in the circumstances (what can we do instead), or simply brushes it off with a shrug and carries on with what she is doing.

Children don’t attach meaning to things in the way we do, they are in the present moment with whatever they are doing. Something we could all learn deeply from.

At some point we lose that, society, caregivers and unhappy events pull us out of ‘the world of the wondrous’. We swap happy expectancy for expecting the worst..we then wonder why this is what we often get.

So I would love to encourage you this week, to step back into those wondrous shoes, pop your rose tinted glasses on and start looking at the world, every situation, each opportunity, a perceived negative and find the wonder, look for the gift, or simply take it for what it is. Don’t attach any meaning and don’t let it knock you off course.

Start each day with the thought, intention and decision to see today through the lens of the statement

‘I look with wonder at that which is before me’

Notice the light, the trees, are the leaves changing yet?

Appreciate your loved ones and make sure you tell them.

Feel grateful for the food you have, take sometime to make something extra special to eat today, something new perhaps.

Turn your phone off, pop the kettle on and settle down for 15 minutes with your favourite warm drink and a gorgeous magazine or book that feeds your soul.

See wonder in your life, appreciate the every day magic that surrounds you, look for the gifts.

How might that shift your energy, your focus. your perception, your feelings.

So often we approach every element of our lives with a underlying feeling of stress or dissatisfaction. We blame the external world, the lack of ‘X,Y,Z’ being the issue. We say to ourselves, when I get ‘A,B,C then I will be happy’

But we all know chasing happiness is a sure fire way not to find it.

So often we are just moving our lack of wonder (stress, dissatisfaction) around from one thing to the next, we sort the work issues, so we start worrying about our health instead, we sort the health, we decide we want a different house, we get the house, not long till we want to change it …(I speak from experience here too!)

Life is exhausting when you don’t see the wonder in your every day, a life spent chasing a dream that will never materialise or the emotion we attach to achieving it.

So I challenge you, try it on, see how it feels and if only for today join me in ‘Be more Florence’.

During this weeks session we also spoke about making time to practice our rituals/grounding/self care or whatever you like to call it. Basically, making sure you take time out for you, to connect into your intuition, your higher self and create space to hear the guidance.

During these sessions I run through some practices each week, that if they resonate with you, you can start to incorporate into your own.

As one of the gorgeous souls said today during the session “I find it difficult to find the time during the week, with school runs and work and everything else”.

And I was reminded of this Zen saying:

Finding the time for grounding and connecting to our true, authentic selves can feel like another thing on the to do list but it is the difference between us running our day/week or the day/week running us. The more we make space to honour the integration of mind, body and soul and see it as an integral part of not only growing a business (that is fully aligned to us) but our path to clarity, calmness and confidence in every aspect of life, the more precious this practice becomes.

Unleash this magic from within. You deserve it and its yours for the taking.

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Loads of love and wonder to you,

Katie xx


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