Are you making this assumption about your potential clients?

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Today I wanted to talk to you about one of the worst things you can do for you, your business AND your potential clients…

Make assumptions about them.

The biggest assumption I see my clients making about their potential clients, is that they can not afford their prices.

When we make this assumption about people, we keep them small and we keep ourselves stuck.

But what happens when we challenge that assumption?

When you lift your head up and look around you for the evidence? What do you see? Do you see other people that are willing to invest in themselves? On their personal development, on their business, in their personal lives?

Have you invested in yourself, even when on paper, you haven’t been able to afford it?

✩ The truth is, there are a lot of people, investing a lot of money in themselves every single day

✩ The truth is, most people don’t have spare cash hanging around but when they want something, when they can see the value, the changes it will make in their life, they will find the money they need.

✩ The truth is, if you are thinking that people can’t afford your services, that says more about your own insecurities than it does about your potential clients. Those are your thoughts, they are not universal truths. And if you look around you, you will see so many people who are willing to invest in themselves, their personal development and their business.

Every time I have invested in myself and my business, I have had to find the money, move it from one pot to another, make sacrifices in other areas of my life in the short term.

Or simply find the money from somewhere, even when I haven’t had a clue where it was going to come from.

That has been really scary, so many times, but I trusted because I could see and feel the importance of making those investments to my growth, my business and not staying in the same place for another year.

Since October 2019 I have invested in excess of £50,000 on my personal development and my business. That is a huge amount of money to me and my family, especially during Covid when I lost all of my clients and I decided to use that opportunity to shift direction, start a fresh and build a new business from scratch.

But I saw the importance of stepping up and making changes, I saw the value that investing that money would make in changing my perspective, pushing me out of my comfort zone, getting the knowledge and help I needed to change my life and my business. And ultimately getting the results I desired.

I invested that money because I wanted to grow, I wanted things to be different, I was fed up of playing small, of feeling stuck and I wanted my life to change for the better.

I needed to invest in coaches and other experts to help me do that, because I didn’t have all of the answers myself, I wanted support and accountability and I didn’t want to spend another year just playing small in my business.

I wanted to grow a business that felt aligned to me, to have freedom to do things I loved and not just work all of the time, for things to be simple and easy, to make  the money I knew I was capable of making and create the impact I know I am here to make.

So I took that incredibly scary leap of faith and started to do things differently, which had to include spending money and investing in myself.

Because As Einstein said

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”

I needed outside help. We all do.

So next time you are on that sales call and you find yourself worrying or doubting, that the person sitting in front of you can not afford your prices..


it is not your job to assume what they can or cannot afford.

✩ It is not your job to assume what they find valuable.

✩ It is not your job to assume what they want to invest their money on.

✩ It is not your job to assume where they are on their growth journey.

✩ It is not your job to assume they are playing small in their life or business.

✩ It is not your job to assume they can not see the value of doing the work.

✩ It’s not your job to assume that you clients can’t see the value of investing in themselves

The fact is, if you get on to a sales call with a client and you are making these assumptions you are going to show up differently than if you have empowered thoughts about them, where they are on their journey and about them growing their business and changing their life.

So, I would love to encourage you, that if this is something you find yourself doing, start looking at those beliefs that you hold and challenging them.

Next time you are on a call with someone, or meeting them face to face, stop making assumptions about what they can afford because it’s not your job to be thinking about that, it’s your job to focus on how you can change their life, which you can.

For anyone who needed to hear this today, I hope this helps.

Katie xx

P.s If you’re exhausted from trying to work it all out on your own, from buying different blueprints, courses and programmes, following other people’s rules, or suggestions, but not seeing the results. Looking at what everybody else is doing and feeling like everybody else has got it sorted. You just want to know what is the right way for you to grow YOUR business.

If you are ready to invest in your business and you have decided that 2022 is the year that changes everything for you, I would love to guide you.

I work with my clients 1:1 to uncover the right way to grow your business, aligned to your personality, energy, goals and aspirations. You can stop searching for the answers and start living and growing.

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