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This morning I ran my first Soul Alignment Session, something I am celebrating, as it’s a new thing for me, but one I feel so passionately about and know how much it will help people. It has certainly helped me change my life and business for the better.

As you may know, I am predominately a business and marketing coach, I empower soul led, heart centred entrepreneurs to create, grow and sustain a business that is totally aligned to you and your version of success, by becoming your own Guru.
But one of the ‘issues’ that kept bubbling up for my clients and something I know effects so many of us, is the subconscious blocks that hold us back, the fears, visibility issues, lack of self belief, confidence and clarity…it’s these things that hold us back form success in our life and business. It doesn’t matter how great your business plan or your marketing strategy is, if you are out of alignment in other areas, or you are not operating in a congruent way, your results will not be what you want them to be.
So that’s why I trained as a Mindfulness Life Coach too, to support my clients with these areas, so we could go deeper and clear them once and for all. And it’s why I have created these sessions to help you to take some time out to honour yourself and connect in to who you really are (not what your ego or society tells you to be).
You are unique and special in your own way, you don’t want to become someone else, you need to connect more deeply with your authentic self, so you can build a life and business that is naturally aligned, from that place. That’s where the real magic happens, I promise you!
Thank you so much for those of you who attended the live session on Zoom. It gives me such joy to see you honouring yourself and taking the time for you and I know the benefits you will reap from incorporating this into your life will be huge.
I understand that taking the time out to invest in ourselves can sometimes feel like another thing to do, a luxury that we don’t really have the time for. But as we discussed in today’s session, it’s the difference between you running your week or your week running you.
The first way is far more empowering, productive, energising and joyful.

Here’s a run down of what we covered, plus some tips to help you too.



Antar Naad Meditation / Mudra

We started with this today, I have been practicing it for the past 3+ months and my life has changed dramatically during this time, I know others who have experienced the same. I whole heartedly recommend it.

For anyone who struggles with meditation, I would encourage you to practice a mantra / mudra instead. The repetition of a chant and hand movements really helps still the mind and stops you thinking about what to make for dinner tonight!

‘It is said that anyone who practices this meditation is granted prosperity, creativity, and protection against attacks.
It gives new power to your words. It brings luck even if you are a scoundrel. This meditation is also called Kabadshe Meditation.’
3ho.orgYou can find out more about it here and there’s lots of stuff on YouTube too.I was introduced to this meditation by my Kundalini yoga teacher Sarah, who was part of the retreat last week. You can watch her amazing session here.I felt an instant calm and connection when we did it and I haven’t stopped since. I am very happy to share my experiences with anyone interested, or feel free to come along to the session next week where we can practice together. Sometimes it really helps to have it explained, demonstrated and practice together before you go off on your own, I know that made a huge difference for me and I haven’t looked back since.My feeling is I will make this part of the weekly session, such is the benefits of doing so, come and make it part of your life too.


We also discussed the importance of BALANCE.

This was also the Mindfulness Card I pulled before the class today, no coincidences!

‘True Balance is a state of mind and being, it is not about time management. Examine carefully your present state and how this compares to your natural pace and rhythm. Be mindful that as time passes, our motivations and values can shift in different directions, for the cycle of life brings new ventures and projects.’

We can only truly tap into our intuition when we are in a balanced state, when our parasympathetic nervous system is rested, calm and grounded. Modern society is not geared up to give us this so we must take the time to create the space to do that for ourselves. The benefits of this ripple out in every area of our life, relationships and business. So please make sure you are listening to what you need and honouring it.




In this session we concentrated on 3 of the chakras to bring us balance and activate our intuition.

✨ Sacral

✨ Heart

✨ Third eye

Intuition is about turning your ‘tuition inwards’..what do you need to see, what is your body, mind and soul trying to communicate with you?

Instead of looking externally for the answers all of the time (we are taught to do this by society, so this needs practice!)

We used some Kundalini exercises to help do this.

It is so important to make sure that your chakras are balanced, if you are struggling with connecting to your intuition, this would be a great place to start.

Our second chakra is where we instinctively feel things, we hold emotion and energy here, the heart chakra is where we intuitively know if we are being lied to, if something isn’t right and our third eye, is our seeing eye, not our looking eyes. Kundalini, mantra, meditation all help to strengthen these areas.





We also discussed crystals today and how we can incorporate them into our practice and include them as part of our rituals.

I find creating a space just for me, with my crystals, candles, incense, oracle cards etc, really helps me to create a ritual of my ‘self care’ routines.

The rituals are so lovely, it feels special and important, like I am honouring myself and acknowledging I am part of something much bigger, it also means that I am far more likely to keep the practice up because of this – a little tip from me to you.

AMETHYST – Is related to the third eye, which is the seat of your intuition, it’s a great crystal to use when connecting to your higher self and the Divine. You can even place it on your third eye when meditating lying down, or under your pillow as you sleep (make a note of the dreams you have, what messages are you being shown?)



Every single one of us has intuition and the ability to tap into it for guidance. Often we are just not making the space to hear it or ignoring what we are being shown.

This is a practice of faith and trust but one that is so worth it.

many of us don’t realise until after an event, we realise then that the gut feeling we had not to do something, was right. It is therefore our job to tune into ourselves more and trust what it is trying to show us.

Intuition doesn’t always make sense and sometimes it can feel daunting, as it tried to push us out of our comfort zones. That’s why the more we flex this intuitive muscle, the more faith we have in the unknown and the unseen. We just know, even if we don’t understand it.

Similar to electricity, most of us don’t have a clue how that works, but we know it’s always there for us at the flick of the switch. We want to get to that level with our inner knowing too.

Tip 1:

You need to be in a high vibration to be fully open to the signs, to see, hear, feel and sense things. You need to feel grounded and full of love (peace and calm).

What can you do every day, or at least weekly to connect into this feeling of love and pace. What gives you that? walking in nature, swimming, going for a run? Find what it is and make the time…the more you do  it, the ore the downloads will come.

Tip 2:

Are there any areas of your life that are holding you back from creating that regular practice? What could you do to rectify this? Arrange some childcare, share your chores, book the time out in your diary?

Tip 3:

How can you protect your boundaries and your energy to ensure this becomes a regular part of your life? See Tip 2 but go one step further and ensure that putting yourself and your needs first is essential and a requirement to living a fully authentic and aligned life and being the best you can in all aspects of it, including your business. I promise you, you will see the benefits.

Tip 4:

Experiment with automatic writing. After you have spent some time raising your vibration, when you are feeling grounded, full of love and at peace. Get a journal and write down a question. What do you want to know, what are you looking for guidance on? Ask the Universe, God, Angels, your intuition, whatever feels good to you for the answers. Don’t overthink this, just go with the flow and see what comes through you.

I also use this when I am walking in nature, instead of writing in a journal I ask the question before the walk and see what thoughts and ideas come to me on the walk, a dictaphone app like is perfect for this BUT do not get sucked into your phone or social media, put it on ‘do not disturb mode’ before you leave the house. This is your time to connect to your intuition

Business Coach, Plymouth, South Hams, Totnes, Kingbridge, Devon


Creating, growing and sustaining a business from soul is all about doing what is right for you.

Your soul is the blueprint of your business, it is therefore going to be unique to you, nobody else can tell you what is the best way for you to run your business or your life.

The more you can feel empowered to embrace that, to become your own guru in all aspects of your life, business and marketing, the happier and more content you are going to be.

You will naturally enter a state of flow when things come naturally and easily to you, including the opportunities, ideas and leads you need to build the legacy of your dreams.

When you are reconnected to your authentic self, you are not blindly flailing around looking externally for the answers of what to do for the best.

You are cultivating a inner knowing and calmness that you have all of the answers you need inside of you and that confidence and clarity is magnetic, in every sense.



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Loads of love

Katie xx




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