Whatever your life or business is reflecting back to you, is the key to unlocking your success.

These are your ‘symptoms’

No clients is a symptom

Lacking in self-worth and self-belief is a symptom

Never charging enough is a symptom

Working too much is a symptom

Procrastinating is a symptom

But you can’t just treat a symptom, you need to find its root cause if you want to make lasting change and stop the cycle.

Due to my start in life and the subsequent ‘choices’ I made because of what I thought I was worthy of (or not in this case!), I have struggled with self-doubt, self-belief, feeling worthy, not-enoughness, people-pleasing, putting others before myself, shame, guilt, feeling lost, money blocks, the lot…like so many of us do.

And it wasn’t until I unearthed and dealt with these root causes that things in my life and business really shifted for me.

In hindsight, I never knew who I was. I hadn’t been allowed to be me or accepted for my true self. The real me was unapproved of, love was conditional depending on how much I pleased, so I did everything in my power to become someone who was approved of, even if that meant losing myself along the way. It’s no wonder I felt so disconnected from myself, I was busy living someone else’s version of me, someone else’s idea of who I should be (to please them), someone else’s values of what my life should be like, what I should do, what I shouldn’t. To suit them, not me. And then I went off the rails, the people-pleasing never worked, all my efforts and still no unconditional approval. I lost myself even more. The real me got locked deep down inside and I have spent the past 44 years trying to find her and set her free.

It was only through Spiritual coaching that I could finally unpick who I am and what was not my stuff. It was eye-opening, liberating and incredibly healing, I felt free for the first time ever.

If things are not going well in your life or business, it will be linked to something inside of you, that you may or may not be aware of. Things that have happened in your past, your childhood, a trauma(s) can all keep you stuck.

Your business is an energetic extension of you, if you are misaligned, so will your business be. It could be a limiting belief you created long ago, a pattern formed out of safety that no longer serves you, rules and stories you have been telling yourself that aren’t really true, or you’re not living congruently with your values.

Sometimes it takes a massive life event, illness or burnout to wake you up (this was me 👋 ) but sometimes it’s just a persistent niggle that life isn’t quite right.

This is your body and soul trying to tell you, I urge you to listen.

My experience was quite extreme and it continues to be an ongoing excavation back to self, the work gets easier and easier as I get lighter and lighter and closer back to me.

And from all of this, the years of feeling lost, the sadness, anger, frustration and pain have led me to this point in time where I now realise that my true purpose on this planet is to help you do the same. To set you free.

I fuse life coaching, with business and marketing mentoring plus my own personal experience and knowledge of what it takes to uncover and release that which holds you back. It’s an incredibly humbling process that I am so honoured to be part of and help others uncover their true self and dispel the symptoms in the process.

By looking at your ‘symptoms’ and how they are manifesting in your life and business, I can help you uncover the patterns and subconscious beliefs that caused them. My higher self works with yours, so we always find the truth.

If you would like to be part of the ‘Me Back to Me’ movement, be fully supported, guided and lovingly held accountable throughout, I would love to help you.

Your business can become the success you dream of but the work must start with you first.

If you’d like to book a free complimentary session,  book in here.

Love and lightness,

Katie xx