Today I have been reflecting about my journey.

For me everything really started to gain momentum when I started a journey to heal myself, experiences from my early life which had left me with horrendous panic attacks, along with a host of other delightful side effects. These shifts I made personally opened me up to so much more. I stopped drinking alochol (my method of numbing and blocking) and started to really allow myself to connect inwards, something I had always been terrified of doing, knowing what I might find.

Turns out it was just a scared and sad little girl desperate for love and reassurance. As I started to peel back the layers I started to realise how much I had held myself back in every area of my life, including my business. Crippling self doubt, lack of self confidence in my abilities, constantly playing small and putting others before myself, I finally started to see none of this was true and decided this was my time.

The months that followed were pretty crazy, some good, some bad and I have learnt so much from all of it.

Here’s just a few of the things, because I know you need to hear this too..

You don’t need ‘all of the things’ when you are starting out, I don’t even need all of the things I was told I absolutely had to have (in order to be a successful business) now.

I have done a lot of forgiveness work around this, to the coaches who told me I did and to myself for not knowing, or rather not trusting myself over somebody else.

That said, I don’t believe any experience is wasted and when I look back and join the dots, I met so many of the people who have become pivotal in my soul led business journey because I was part of various programs. And as part of this, I have learnt to trust, that we always get what we need out of a situation, even if it doesn’t look the way we thought it would.

The most important thing in your business is that you are 100% yourself, first and foremost. Are you doing what you love? Are you passionate about the work you are doing? If not, change it. You can create a successful business focusing on a particular line of work you feel will make you lots of money, you can create wealth by focusing on your audience and selling them what you need. But if your business doesn’t start with you first, you will never create true abundance.

We are all so conditioned about how we think business should be run, how we should market and loads of other rules we impose on ourselves. It’s when we follow these, desire of what our soul is crying out to tell us, that we end up burnt out, unhappy, disillusioned, feeling trapped.

You need to trust, especially when things are not going the way you had hoped, because there is every chance they are taking you some place better.

You don’t have to be on every platform or have a fancy website, systems and processes (not right away). But you do need to be in the right energy and taking consistent aligned action from that place.

You need to really own your own power, you need to be all of you, just as you are, right now. You need to connect into your own inner knowing, so when the online space gets particularly noisy, you can stand firmly and not be swayed.

I know how it feels to know your stuff on one level (22 years of marketing experience) but not feel 100% connected to what  you are doing, saying, or who you are serving. I understand the frustration and procrastination, not knowing what to write and feeling less than excited about your content marketing.

I felt like a piece of the puzzle was missing and I spent £1000’s trying to find it, through business coaches, marketing coaches, mindset coaches and leadership coaches. I have spent hours listening to trainings, podcasts, programmes, following other peoples methods and blueprints and what I have learnt along the way is that most of all you need to trust and listen to yourself, because if you don’t you can end up a very long way from where you want to be and what is right for you.

From everything I have learnt and all my experiences, I created a program to fully support and empower soul led entrepreneurs so you can embrace your marketing in a way that feels completely authentic to you. So you can really connect with your purpose and passion, so you deeply understand your soulmate client and what to say to them. So you feel completely connected to the content you are putting out into the world and your soul aligned clients feel it too.

Because what’s the alternative? Stay stuck where you are for too many years. Stuck on the feast and famine mode, feeling stressed and confused not knowing the best thing to do.

Spending money on coach after coach, programmes and courses that don’t move you any further forward or take you in the wrong direction completely. Spending out on fancy websites, sales funnels and automations but with no clients to experience it?

Worst of all you do nothing at all and you stay exactly where you are for yet another year, not making the money you want, not generating the leads you need or creating the impact you desire.

My work is different, because I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I have. I want to save you the money, time and burnout. That’s why I don’t tell you what to do, I empower you, I work with you, I help you find the right way for you, one that feels amazing and is totally sustainable for that very reason. The soul led way.

I truly believe that you have all of the answers inside of you. Sometimes we just need some help and guidance to lovingly tease them out and the courage to follow our own path. It’s the only way we will find true happiness, when we are living our own authentic life, not somebody else’s version.

Much love,

Katie xx