You have a choice.

You always get to decide how you market your business.

You don’t have to be on a platform you don’t enjoy, in fact I would encourage you not to be.

So much of marketing is the energy in which we carry it out and conduct ourselves. If you are doing stuff you don’t enjoy, then your energy will reflect that.

I have been pondering this very thing myself and I know so many of my soul led entrepreneurial friends do the same.

You feel like you should be on [insert name of platform] but it drains you, you’re not getting the results or the engagement, but you keep plugging away anyway.

So here’s the thing. You get to decide. If you are feeling something around doing a particular activity, you get to ask yourself why that might be?

I really urge you to stop and look at what this is trying to show you.

Are you there because you feel you should be? Because every other person in your industry is there? Because it’s the place to be?

Then I would encourage you to ask your heart some questions around what you are feeling.

What is it about that platform you don’t feel aligned with? Are there elements that don’t gel with your personality and what you are about?

Perhaps you prefer deep conversations and getting to know people and the platform you are currently struggling with doesn’t really facilitate that.

Another useful exercise is to think how you like to consume your content, perhaps you love to read and immerse yourself in a topic.

Or maybe listening to podcasts is your thing.

Perhaps you are more visual and love Pinterest.

Perhaps you love reading blogs, magazines or being part of forums.

And perhaps you could create marketing that reflects the style of content you love to consume. Would that make it more fun, joyful and energising for you? I know it does for me. This doesn’t mean that you need to start recording your own podcast (although you could) but perhaps you could create audio clips of you speaking, or make a conscious effort to be featured on some.

Your soul mate clients are everywhere.

What is important is that you get into the right energy to attract them to you. You need to feel good about what you are putting out, it shouldn’t feel like a drain. Pushing out of comfort zones is a different thing, this isn’t avoidance of taking action that might feel uncomfortable but if you simply don’t gel with a particular way of marketing, then be honest with yourself about why. And please stop forcing yourself to do it because you feel you should.

This is your life, your business, you get to market it as you choose.

This is all part of being a conscious changemaker.

You won’t do that by just posting for the sake of posting on platforms that really don’t feel a connection with.

I have been going through this experience myself again recently and realised I had slipped back in to the old paradigm of believing/thinking I had to be in the usual paces…but I don’t. I get to decide how my life and business will be and that it is always successful, no matter what decision I make. You get to do the same. ✨

As a soul led entrepreneur the most important (and perhaps the most difficult) thing you have to do, is listen to your souls desire and honour what she/he is telling you. Even if it doesn’t make logical sense or your ego screams no.

Lots of love

Katie xx