Circle & Sound Collaborations

gatherings & retreat days

~ south Devon

~ beautifully curated gatherings honouring the Wheel of the Year celebrations.

Plus workshops and community Circles to inspire and connect.

Merging the passions of two friends ~ Circle & Sound ~ Combined with the love of nature, her wisdom, connection & community.

Katie & Helen create beautiful gatherings that help you rebalance, relax, reset and restore.

Reconnecting you back to you.


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WHEEL OF THE YEAR gatherings

~ Circle & Sound

Following the wheel of the year (the Celtic Sabbats) tuning into each celebration and its unique energy is a wonderful way to honour the cycles of life ~ yours and natures.

We can gain so much wisdom from the seasons, how it reflects our own inner landscape and reminds us to live in sync, instead of fighting against, the ebbs and flow and the many transitions we grow through throughout the year.

Upcoming dates

Summer Solstice – Sunday 23rd June 2024 – (day retreat) 10am – 4pm – The Angel Hall, Totnes

Winter Solstice – Sunday  15th Dec 2024 –  10am – 12.30pm – The Angel Hall, Totnes

“I enjoyed the day so much. From the mindful walk down to the lake, to the wonderful sharing, letting go and bringing an item of that represented the beauty of the changing season. The sound bath was a cacophony of delicate vibrating sounds mixed with the buzz of the bee, the whistle of the wind and a rather zealous dragonfly. This day supported me In many ways. After I left I felt lifted in many ways. I felt a warmth within my soul.

Thank you for a wonderful day. I’m excited to meet again.”

~ Circle & Sound attendee by the lake at Creacombe farm

Meet the friends and your hosts …

Katie Carswell ~  A women’s circle holder, mindfulness life coach, Reiki healer & moon & earth crystal & ritual boutique.

The ethos behind all of my work is the power of creating space ~ helping you gift yourself the treasure that is time, so you can reconnect to the wisdom inside of you and remember who you really are.

I work with the seasons and cycles [yours & natures], moon, earth & crystal wisdom & magic.

Weaving & blending  all these different modalities together to create safe and nurturing spaces and events, giving you time just to be and open yourself to the messages and medicine within you.

Helen’s Sound Meditation ~ Creating immersive Sound Journeys.
The purpose is for participants to be completely immersed in Sound, leading them to a place of rest and a sense of stillness and calm.

Using world instruments known for their pure beautiful sounds, frequency and vibrational qualities, including Gongs, Hang Drum and Hand Pans, Singing bowls, Chimes and Native Flutes, the aim is to restore healthy vibration into your body and effortlessly lull your mind into a meditative state.

The intention always is to create deeply nourishing experiences.

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~ upcoming workshops

 Sound & Vision – Vision Board workshop and Sound Journey for dreaming and integration – Venue  & Date TBC

As well as our gatherings we offer personalised Circle and Sound events such as naming ceremonies, baby showers and other celebrations.

Plus business and organisation away days.

Contact Katie by email or phone: 07830316685

Please note:

All events are photographed for use in future publicity and by attending you give consent for us to do so.

Your wellbeing:

We strive to be as inclusive as possible, however, by attending any of our events you are confirming that you are fit, well and take full responsibility for your own health and wellbeing, during and post event.  Sound / Gong baths are not suitable for everyone, including those in their first trimester of pregnancy, with epilepsy,  heart conditions and pace makers.

Please do ask us if you have any concerns.


Please see my refund policy here under ‘Day Retreat’s’.

kind words

from people I have helped

The work with Katie has been life changing, and believe me I do not say such bold statements unless it is 100% true.

Transformational coaching
Katie has a unique way of being able to look at the full picture and then relay what that looks like for you – even better than I know myself!
Business Coach, Plymouth, South Hams, Totnes, Kingbridge, Devon

“Katie is  amazing!

Transformational coaching

“I have felt so, so unbelievably different, I have never felt like this before in terms of a deep feeling of knowing and truth inside of me, that I am now following.

I just feel in such a different place and I totally attribute that to the work I have done with you Katie. The embodiment work, the stepping into future Jo, it’s just been amazing, thank you so much.”

Transformational coaching

“I find Katie very comforting to be around and never feel judged, which as someone who judges themselves massively, this is so nice.”

Transformational coaching
“Thank you, thank you…
I can’t explain in words the value, you and this process is bringing.
This is going to facilitate such great change and healing…it is already”.
Life and business coaching

If you have been thinking ‘there must be more to life than this or what next?..’ then try out Katie’s Circles – your wellbeing will thank you for it!

“Katie holds space for those who need it and it is a really non judgemental, nourishing environment to attend. The spaces she uses are beautiful and cosy environments and she is always welcoming and friendly. The circles are well structured but each person is given the time and space they need. The circle and sound events are a whole new level of special.”