How learning to trust yourself will grow your business with more ease, joy and flow.

So often clients come to me because they are not getting a particular result in their business.

They feel stuck, unfulfilled and not sure what direction to go in. Old feelings of unworthiness and not enoughness creep to the surface and transpire as procrastination, comparisonitis and disconnection.

So one of the very first things I start working with clients on is TRUST and stepping into your own personal power because of it. Fully owning your self worth and trusting you are perfect just as you are.

It is incredible how much energy we waste on second guessing ourselves, wondering if we made the right decision, if people like us, debating if a new product/service/offer is good enough, or if we said the right or wrong thing.

Imagine how liberating it would be if we simply decided that we always make the right decisions and the Universe is always conspiring in our favour?

That’s learning to trust.

Build trust in yourself and your business

✩ Trusting the Universe has your back,

✩ Trusting you will always be shown the right way,

✩ Trusting you know enough, that you are enough,

✩ Trusting that your message needs to be heard, just as it is

✩ Trusting that the right answers are always shown,

✩ Trusting that you always make the right decisions and the right opportunities always appear.

Because when you start taking action from this kind of energy, things really start to shift, you start to shift, because for once, you are fully backing yourself, rather than just second guessing yourself constantly or berating yourself for not knowing the right way (there isn’t one!).

Transformational coaching

Imagine what life would be like if you:

✩ Connected to your next level self and trusted what she/he showed you.

✩ Trusted that it is safe to be all of you, the real you, just as you are.

✩ Believed you could create a successful business by being all of you.

✩ Made a conscious effort to turn away from fear, doubt and shoulds

✩ Stopped following someone else’s rulebook and started making your own.

✩ Start backing yourself every single day

✩ Believed you couldn’t get it wrong, no matter what you do.

That’s trust and that is true power.

This is about you creating your perfectly aligned life/business because it’s come from a place of connection to your soul, not from something external to you (a societal expectation or what somebody else is doing in your field).

It’s what I call a Soul Goal and it comes from deep within you and might look completely different to the type of desires your ego is wanting you to have.

And this can be hard, we live in a society that looks for external validation, that tells us how success looks and feels, we are bombarded with notions of how life should be, benchmarks that tell us when we have made it, so much so we start to believe it ourselves. We start looking for ways to attain ‘success’ so we can feel whole/good enough/fixed. We buy the things, we follow the methods..but still we don’t feel what we had hoped, or get the results we were promised and the cycle of ‘not enoughness’ continues.

We have to break the cycle in order to become truly free, we have to listen to our soul.

And often those soul desires are buried deep under limiting beliefs, subconscious blocks and our own saboteurs. It can sometimes be hard to even find them on our own, to know what is ours and what is someone else’s and that’s why getting help with this process is so invaluable. Someone to help you unpeel the layers, deconstruct the stories, support and guide you, as you uncover the lies we tell ourselves in order to keep yourself safe.

And all of this is a practice.

Even though I have been living my life and running my business like this for years now [and coaching others to do the same] I can still slip, the old paradigm dies hard…

But the more you embrace a life of trust, knowing that the Universe has your back, believing in yourself, uncovering the BS you are telling yourself and moving through it, the more evidence you will acquire and the easier it becomes. So just keep checking in moment by moment, and asking yourself what you need, connecting in with your higher self. Trusting.

Trusting the universe
Trusting the process (and giving yourself permission)
Trusting you ultimately know the way
Trusting you will take aligned actions consistently
Trusting you will follow soul, even when it makes no sense at all
Trusting love over fear
Trusting yourself

Over and over and over.

If you are struggling to trust, try these 3 exercises:

1). Look for the evidence.

It really helps our brain to look for evidence, the times when we have been supported, situations have occurred in our favour, help or money has appeared, even if not the way we had planned it.

Write a list of everything you can think of, big and small, to really lock in how the Universe does have your back, it is safe for you to trust and that life always works out in your favour (even if it doesn’t feel that way at the time). This really helps to build trust and gratitude and something I do often to anchor myself back in when things feel a bit crazy and totally out of my control (everything is!).

2) Use an anchor.

So, you’ve found the evidence, you need to keep reminding your brain that this is true, especially when your negative bias kicks in (it is a thing!). Do you have a gift a client gave you to say thank you for doing a great job. Do you have some reviews on Google or a social platform you can check? Have you got testimonials from clients (if not get some, great for this and your marketing), put them all in a document and keep them on your desktop or on your phone. Even better, make a favourite into a screensaver. Or perhaps oyu have a keepsake, something precious that reminds you of a time you manifested something huge into your life, or something showed up totally unexpected exactly when you needed it

3) Connect to your inner wisdom.

What activities could you incorporate into your life on a daily basis to start connecting with your inner wisdom? Walking in nature / meditation / journaling?

I do my best not to let the outside world in until at least 10am every day, 11am if possible. I make sure I don’t look at my phone during this time, no texts, social media or emails. For me, going for a swim, walking in nature, Kundalini yoga and journaling are the best ways to connect in. It’s during these moments of ‘space’ that I always get my best downloads, whether that be new content and ways to market my business, ideas for new programs or client projects I am working on. It also sets the tone for the rest of the day, I am calmer, more inspired and generally nicer to be around! It is a completely different energy to starting the day from the usual outside in approach, straight into emails and hustle. I always set an intention for that ‘connecting in’ time, so I might ask myself a question for the walk or my journal ‘what do I need to know today?’ ‘What is the most aligned action for me to take today?’ or ‘What do my soulmate clients need to hear today?’ and so forth.

And if you need some help, it’s what I do and I would love to help you. Life is so much more magical on the side of trust and I can gently support you to get there.

Loads of love

Katie xx

I specialise in guiding and empowering heart centred entrepreneurs to grow your business in the right way for you.

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