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What is the one thing you need to master when you run your own business?

You need to become a master of Self Belief.


You can have the best strategy, your offers can be AMAZING, you can be awesome at what you do…but if you don’t believe it, then who else will?

I see this all of the time in my clients and I have learnt it the hard way myself.

I spent £1000’s on personal development (and I will continue to do so) but the real game changer for me was when I started coaching myself.

I stopped giving ALL of my power away to others.

I stopped thinking that other people, experts, coaches, mentors knew better than me about what was best for me (and my business).

I stopped expecting someone else to fix or save me.

I stopped expecting the next coach, blueprint or program to be the magic cure all.

I stopped constantly looking outside of myself for all of the answers.


So what did I do instead?

I started seeing coaching (with my coaches) as a co-creation process.

I started taking ownership of my results.

I started to really cultivate my self belief.

I started working [daily] on my ability to self coach myself, instead of avoiding doing the real work needed and expecting others to sort everything out for me.


The real work needed isn’t another business tactic or strategy (although this is of course an important part of growing a business) but the real, grassroots work is your own SELF BELIEF.


Here are my tips about how to cultivate yours.


Check in with yourself daily and ask ‘what is the belief I need to own right now, to get the results I want in my business?’

Example: If you are not getting clients.

Instead of looking externally as to why that might be, instead of changing up your offers once again, discounting your prices, adding in a new service, freaking out and berating your capabilities. Look inside. What thoughts would you need to have, what belief would you need to cultivate, to really believe that you are more than capable of getting new clients, just as you are, with the business / offer you have right now?

That might mean you go from thinking, ‘I can’t get new clients’ to ‘Everyone wants to work with me’.

Can you see how that thought alone would shift your energy?

How it would change how you show up in your business each day?

It changes how you feel about yourself, your capabilities and your offers in a way that you are now far more likely to go out there and fully own your brilliance and that of your services. The result…you are far more likely to sign new clients.


Example: Now you’ve got the clients but you’re freaking out about if you can get them the results they signed up for.

This thought alone is going to cause you anxiety and great results do not come from a place of feeling stress in your body. So what thought would better serve you and your clients?

I know how to help people. I know what I’m doing. I have helped many people, many times before.

If your brain needs proof, look at your previous testimonials from clients, look at projects where you have helped people and the results they achieved. If you’re new to business and don’t have these things yet, look to your career or the times you have helped people in your personal life. Focus on that.


Example: You raise your prices.

Now of course this has to be done with some considerations (that’s another blog for another time) but the worst thing you can do is now start freaking out about whether people can afford them. The more you look for evidence that people can’t, the more people who can’t afford your new prices you will attract. It is the law of attraction/reflection.

On the other hand, if you raise your prices and you believe that this is what they are worth (this isn’t linked to your self worth, there is no price that can be put on that 😉) but the transformative worth to the people who sign up to this service, program, offer. Our brains are continually looking for evidence to back up our beliefs, so it’s super important when you are pushing outside of your comfort zone (which is continually when you run your own business) that you watch your thoughts. Google ‘confirmation bias’ it is fascinating reading.


Growing a business place’s many demands on you, you need to don many hats and juggle many roles, there are many things to think about and consider but I promise you that all of this becomes a whole lot easier when you are doing it from a place of self belief. Cultivating this in yourself is a game changer, it can help you streamline what you do, it can save you time, energy and money from following ideas and suggestions that are not aligned to you. It also means that you feel like you are taking control of your results and your destiny, that you are not some helpless pawn in this game called life (or business) that you don’t need to take every bit of advice going out there, just the bits that feel relevant to you. This alone can change your business trajectory in unbelievable ways.


My belief is that the most transformative coaching is co-creational, it’s about empowering you to become your own guru, to help you tap into your inner wisdom and find the answers inside of you, they are always there. This will save you climbing a ladder to find it was propped up against the wrong wall, it will give you resilience and self confidence in yourself and your business.

If you are ready to make 2022 the year that changes everything for you and your business, then I would love to support you. I guide my clients to create, grow and sustain a business that is 100% aligned to you and your vision of success. I lead you to find the most empowered way to do it and embody the radical self trust to fully own it ALL. I coach my clients 1:1, with face to face zooms and unlimited voice note/email access, you will not find a more nurturing, intimate and supportive container for you to grow, thrive and discover your way.


Find out more about my coaching package here.


Katie xx

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