When Covid hit in March 2020 my business completely collapsed overnight.

I went from financially fit to financially flat.

The fear and panic were immense. The worry of what might happen…would we lose our home, how would I pay for everything, what about my daughter…

Then there was the sadness and feelings of being let down, clients I had given so much of my heart and soul too, gone without a word.

I had spent 10 years building my marketing agency, pushing, hustling, striving and just like that it was gone.

But once the terror subsided I started to realize perhaps I had been granted the greatest gift of all.

The truth is I hadn’t been happy for a very long time in my work, if ever. There was always a niggle, a knowing, a feeling of wanting more but not really having a clue how that looked.

I had been looking for a way out, a change, a different direction.

The year prior I had invested loads into my business and me, I was determined to take it to the next level of success but inside I was dying. The work didn’t light me up, I kept getting ill, I burnt out, I got vertigo for 3 months, had scans, tests and MRI’s and still, I didn’t stop.

In hindsight I know my soul was trying to stop me, desperately trying to stop me from climbing the wrong mountain and sacrificing myself and my family in the process.

Covid was the messenger that could not be ignored.

And so I found myself in a new place.

I now had a choice (I always did)..rebuild what I had or STOP and start following my souls calling?

I didn’t know what my souls calling was back then, I’m still in the process of uncovering and peeling back the layers of me, but I am totally fine with that.

I am happy, fulfilled, excited and can’t wait to see where my soul guides me next.

My purpose during that time and even today is to tune into me, listen to my soul and take the next, inspired and aligned action.

My need for control, to know the plan in advance, to have it all mapped out, like so many elements of my old business have gone, replaced with a deep inner knowing, trust and surrender that my life and business are flowing in a much better direction than I could ever have imagined with just my human mind.

Now my higher self is here to help.

And as I sit here, 13 months on, it gives me the most enormous feeling of love and gratitude.

I set an intention for my life and business to be different to what it was, to simply find my joy. I had no clue how that might look back then but it happened because I [finally] stopped, tuned in, trusted and followed the nudges.

It wasn’t easy or pretty, it was messy, scary, insomnia filled nights of worry, emotional, scary and often made absolutely no sense at all.

But deep down I knew somehow I would be okay, so I kept on going.

I leaned into it all, accepted the journey, kept trusting, connecting in and asking my soul what to do and followed what was shown.

Today I am not the same person.

I do my souls work every day, I work with the most amazing soul-aligned clients, I have the most incredible soul-aligned network who are collaborative and supportive in a way I have never experienced before. I love my work, it doesn’t feel like work at all. I’m a monthly contributor for a magical, soul led magazine which I adore, with more writing opportunities on the way. I don’t hustle anymore, I spend time on me every day and with my precious family.

This the incredible difference a year can make when you decide enough is enough, and you decide [for whatever reason] that it’s time to do things differently, it’s time to start listening to yourself and your soul, it’s time to do things your way, the soul led way.

I now coach, mentor and support other soul led entrepreneurs to do the same, to live, run and market your business from the soul.

If this speaks to you, I would love to chat. I have some spaces available, you can find out more here


Katie xx