Stepping into your personal power.

I speak about this A LOT with my clients, because it literally is the foundation of all the work I do.

If this bit is out of balance, then everything is.

But one of the main reasons it’s so important, is this is where you are aligned with your soul purpose.

Sometimes this takes time to uncover.

This can be hard to accept. We live in a driven society where we are constantly made to feel like we are behind.

Quick catch up…do this thing…buy this method…do as I say…

We’re all freaking out that someone else is getting there quicker than we are, that there won’t be a slice of the pie left for us.

We are impatient.

Why is it happening for them and not for me!! I work hard, where is it..where is the x,y,z [insert your version of success].


Sometime the truth is there are lessons to be learned, or things we need to learn in order to grow, an expansion needs to occur, a different level of awareness or consciousness.

This doesn’t mean we should just sit still and wait while the jigsaw falls into place but sometimes it does mean being patient, being willing to pause, being willing to accept where you are on the journey. This is only painful if you resist it.

If you see this as part of the magic unfolding. If you trust this is all part of the journey for you, that your pot of gold is on it’s way and EVERYTHING that happens to you (good and bad) is bringing that closer to you.

That is an empowering place to be.

Rather than the relentless bashing we give ourselves for not being where we had hoped.

I have been here, this is why I know…oh my goodness I know! And I continue to go through this. The difference now, the way I think about it. That shift in perception has made such a difference.

Rather than lamenting things not going my way, I am now curious as to what it is trying to show me and open to the possibilities this new set of circumstances is trying to teach me, or the new opportunities it has opened up to me. Something I was TOTALLY blind to when I had my ‘This is how it has to be / why isn’t this working…Arrrrghhhh’ goggles on.

When you lean into this, magic unfurls but it will go at it’s own pace, not the pace you set. And ironically I have found the more I try to push, the longer it takes. The more I surrender, the easier it comes through.

It involves trust which can be hard and frustrating, as we live in a society so determined on getting to a final destination, where everyone seems so hell bent on getting to the next level, building their business so much bigger than yours.

But this is not a raise. This is expansion and that’s not something that can be done in a purely logical cerebral way, it takes soul and exploration and inspiration. It’s a beautiful dance of all the elements of being a human.

Love Katie