Back when I decided to take matters into my own hands and grow my business, because I was so bloody fed up of being in feast or famine mode, the topic of mindset came up a lot.

“you must look after, work on, care for, be careful of…your mindset”

The trouble is, I wasn’t exactly sure what that meant.

Meditating? Journalling? Exercise? Affirmations? Telling myself I can do it, channelling confidence? Being aware of negative thoughts and self-doubt?

And work on it I did..but it only seemed to get me so far.

I made time when I could for me, I worked on my visibility which I had massive issues about, I tried to stay positive in the face of all the knock backs, I permanently patrolled my thoughts.

But it wasn’t the magic pill I’d hoped for and I wasn’t sure what all the magical benefits were, because I hadn’t found them.

And then I moved away from the masculine hustle mentality and focused on the soul led work I now do. I moved into the way I do business (and teach others – to do business and life.

In a different way, the soul led way and as part of that, I discovered what I like to call soulset practices.

Things that do offer the gold that the mindset work didn’t quite deliver.

This is the foundational work I now teach, it’s the practices, energy and ways of being to incorporate into your life every day.

These really do make the difference.

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Katie xx