I used to feel so lost, like life was happening to me, or against me [not for me] and that I had little to no control over my life, what happened in it and how I reacted.

I felt buffeted, from one crisis or drama to the next. Underneath it all was an extreme feeling of sadness and a longing that my life could be better than this, but I simply thought this was my lot.

I didn’t understand why I felt a void inside or how to fill it. I didn’t understand why my life was not where I wanted it to be, why my business wasn’t growing, why I was so terrified of pushing myself forward but also of staying stuck, or why I seemed to go from one bad relationship/experience/life event to another.

I felt broken but unsure how to fix myself.

I tried so many ‘things’ over the years, to help me make sense of that disconnect and emptiness inside, therapy, counselling, hypnotherapy, CBT, personal development, medication and whilst I saw some success with some of the treatments, it wasn’t a lasting change.

It wasn’t until I worked with a spiritual life coach, that everything did shift. I finally woke up and became fully conscious. I realised how much I had been holding myself back in all areas of my life, how things that had happened way back in my childhood had formed my ideas of how the world is and my place within. And it wasn’t until she helped me to unpick it, that I finally saw these were all lies. Stories I had been telling myself, blocks that were holding me back, subconscious beliefs that were keeping me small. It was a complete and utter revelation and that period of time working with her changed my life forever.

Once I became conscious, I couldn’t believe I had believed what I had, the blocks seemed so obvious, as did the route out. In under a year I changed so much, for the better. I stopped drinking alcohol, I started really looking after myself, the constant anxious voice in my head quietened (until she left for good), I stopped being so hard on myself, I relaxed so much, I was less uptight about things, I became a better partner, mummy and friend. I was a whole lot nicer to be around. I got a really clear focus on how I wanted my life to be and started making the changes needed, my businesses grew, I was happy being visible in my marketing [not hiding myself away] for the first time ever. Above all I felt truly happy and most importantly of all, I realised I started liking myself.

It was then I realised the extreme power that this style of coaching can have.

Spiritual coaching was different, it made me aware and once you’ve seen the light you can’t go back. This completely holistic approach isn’t just focusing on how an issue manifests and looking for solutions. It digs deep. It uncovers. It enquires. It delves into the spaces inside of us we didn’t know were there, or had shut away due to pain, trauma or self-defence. It’s gentle, holistic, supportive and kind. It gave me the space to discover myself again and room to grow into the new me.

It works on an inside out approach, which completely empowers you to see what has been holding you back and the perfectly aligned steps that you can take, to start creating and manifesting your very best life.

It was a no-brainer that I incorporate this into my work.

My process works on every level of what makes you, you. In my experience of both receiving and delivering, you do not achieve long term change and shifts in awareness without looking at every element of what it is to be human. It’s the holistic [whole] approach that creates the massive shifts.

We look at

🌟 Self

🌟 Mental

🌟 Emotional

🌟 Spiritual

When we balance all of these, that’s when the magic occurs, the shifts are real and lasting. We finally break the cycle and your life will change for the better, forever.

If you’d like to have a chat about how I can help you, you can book in for a free, no obligation chat, it would be lovely to meet you.

There is love, laughter and light on the other side, sometimes we just need a little bit of support to find it ✨

Loads of love

Katie xx