This is what happens when you choose to follow your soul…

Words can not describe how excited, happy, joyous I feel seeing my work like this, in the most gorgeous soul-led and soul-aligned (to me) magazine, alongside so many amazing change-makers…

The thing is, if you had said this would be me, little over a year ago, I wouldn’t have believed you.

When covid hit my marketing agency business literally fell to the ground, I stood absolutely terrified looking at what remained and wondering how the hell I was going to move forward.

But move forward I did.

I took the opportunity to stop doing the things I thought I should be doing (that didn’t light me up) and started doing the things I wanted (that did 🌟).

I started BEing the person I wanted to be, who had the amazing soul led business, who works with incredible soul-aligned clients and gets to be part of the amazing soul led opportunities like this beautiful magazine @soulacymagazine, and who does the work of her dreams, working with the people she loves to serve.

And that is when the magic started…the people, the opportunities, the ideas, the downloads all started showing up.

Because I decided.

And today I am in a totally different place, in every part of my life, the work I do, the people I serve, the community I am part of, the opportunities that keep flowing my way.

And I have never been happier, more fulfilled, or rewarded for my efforts.

This is what happens when you decide.

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Katie xx