About me & what I do

All I want for you is to live your happiest, most fulfilled & authentic life.

Not at some imagined point to reach in the future, when you achieve all of the things you think you need to feel that way.


By giving you the courage to live your life differently. Supporting you on your healing journey (however that may look for you and guiding you to rediscover and reconnect with the truest version of you.


I understand you

crave more simplicity in your life,

to slow down,

to find time for yourself

and reclaim some balance.

I also know that this can feel impossible but I promise you it isn’t.

The first step to claiming what you want is…

Being intentional.

Not just with your thoughts but with your actions.

It is to start living on purpose, not just letting life happen to you.

The reason I know, because this is my story.

This is how I live and my life has totally changed because of it,

it hasn’t always been this way but I can assure you, if I can do it, you can too.

About me

Hi, I’m Katie Carswell, it’s so lovely to have you here ♡

I am your guide, to bring you home to you.

An advocate of slowing down in order to speed up.

Treading gently.

Being more present and mindful.

Of making things easy.

A freedom lover and truth seeker.

I appreciate a calm nervous system and the simple things in life.

I’m devoted to helping people see who they really are, to accept themselves, to understand their strengths and perceived weaknesses, to guide them to see wisdom where they may just see wounds and to cultivate a life that encompasses exactly who they are and how they want their life to be.


Now my life is so different.

I can honestly say hand on heart, that I am truly happy, calm and at peace.

The person who use to be filled with anxiety all of the time, worry, stress and overthink everything, has gone.

I still get moments, I am human after all, but they are just that…moments. Not all of the time.

Health issues I had for years, have disappeared along with the stress.

I no longer need to take antidepressants (which I had been on for years).

I let go of unhealthy habits and relationships that were not serving me.

I look after myself.

I know that my self care and making time for me makes me a better person, mum and wife

and that this does not make me selfish, it makes me savvy.

This is available for you too.


I live in the South Hams in Devon, close to the sea and surrounded by countryside, a constant source of inspiration and joy to me.

I love to wild swim, off the beach at Mothecombe or in the pools and rivers of Dartmoor.

I’m a wife and mummy.

I am a home bird.

I adore being with my family, my dog’s morning greeting, deserted Dartmoor walks, the beach, sunshine, dahlias in our garden and the view from our kitchen on a hot, summers day.

Women’s Circles and the other work I do, feels like coming home to me.

I’m addicted to books, buying crystals with my daughter, house plants and the colour neon pink.

I am at my happiest if you give me a cinnamon bun washed down with a flat white.

I am a Certified life and mindfulness coach, as well as a [Jikiden] reiki healer.

I hold women’c circles, workshops and retreats that pull together all I know and have learnt, from life and other teachers.

I also run a beautiful ethical crystal and ritual Etsy store with my husband.

Crystals, Ritual and meditation are very much part of my life and work.

So I would love to gift these special ‘tools’ to you. Join my mailing list and receive 15% off any order in the Moon & Earth Crystal and Etsy Store, includes FREE P&P or local delivery.

And receive one of my guided mediations ‘Rebalancing with Mother Earth’.

kind words

from people I have helped

The work with Katie has been life changing, and believe me I do not say such bold statements unless it is 100% true.

Transformational coaching
Katie has a unique way of being able to look at the full picture and then relay what that looks like for you – even better than I know myself!
Business Coach, Plymouth, South Hams, Totnes, Kingbridge, Devon

“Katie is  amazing!

Transformational coaching

“I have felt so, so unbelievably different, I have never felt like this before in terms of a deep feeling of knowing and truth inside of me, that I am now following.

I just feel in such a different place and I totally attribute that to the work I have done with you Katie. The embodiment work, the stepping into future Jo, it’s just been amazing, thank you so much.”

Transformational coaching

“I find Katie very comforting to be around and never feel judged, which as someone who judges themselves massively, this is so nice.”

Transformational coaching
“Thank you, thank you…
I can’t explain in words the value, you and this process is bringing.
This is going to facilitate such great change and healing…it is already”.
Life and business coaching

If you have been thinking ‘there must be more to life than this or what next?..’ then try out Katie’s Circles – your wellbeing will thank you for it!

“Katie holds space for those who need it and it is a really non judgemental, nourishing environment to attend. The spaces she uses are beautiful and cosy environments and she is always welcoming and friendly. The circles are well structured but each person is given the time and space they need. The circle and sound events are a whole new level of special.”