Kind words from lovely souls


Women’s Circle Attendee & Yew Circle Membership

Serendipity played a huge part in finding Katie’s Women’s Circle.

I had been “running on empty”- physically emotionally and spiritually for a very long time.
I feel blessed to have found such an amazing group of women who share the same ideology without judgement,  but with compassion, care, understanding and respect and was incredible – 
At last ! I was not alone !
The world is truly full of magical things – i just needed to sharpen my senses, I relish the Circles and the comfort they have given me.
Katie is an amazing woman – with so much to share- guide you with and also above all to show you a way to find yourself again!


Women’s Circles ~ The Yew Circle Member ~ Circle for One

“Imagine feeling as safe as you’ve ever felt within a trusting space that unfolds and lets you tap into your deepest wisdom.
This has been my experience of attending Katie’s circles and that experience has allowed magick to happen within my life!
Knowing that I am not on my own when it comes to finding a way forward – that inwardly and outwardly I am supported
– has been a priceless experience. “


Women’s Circle Attendee & Yew Circle Membership

“I have found Katie’s circles deeply powerful in supporting my current journey.
They have held a space for me to trust in myself, to regain my courage and honour my own inner wisdom.
I have recently joined the Yew but I already feel the support and connection it holds beyond the biweekly circles. An energy of women all looking towards a more fulfilling and intuitive way of living. Aligned with the cycles of the moon, giving everyday life a natural rhythm to be guided by.
I feel excited and energised by the future of the Yew Circle and all who are lucky enough to have found this nurturing space.”


Women’s Circles & Workshops

“I have been attending Katie’s Women’s Circles for the last 8 months, I have also attended the intuition workshop and several Connection & Community sessions.
Each one has offered me incredible calm and solace away from the frenzy of everyday life and a chance to reconnect to core values and beliefs in such a beautiful and peaceful setting.

I have had the greatest pleasure of meeting many like-minded souls who have all contributed to the wonderful feeling of belonging and reminding me that sometimes the simple act of taking one step at a time is all that’s needed to bring the greatest rewards of living life more intentionally and intuitively.

If you have been thinking ‘there must be more to life than this or what next?..’ then try out Katie’s Circles – your wellbeing will thank you for it!


Women’s Circle Attendee & Yew Circle Membership

“Being in the Yew Circle has meant me finally committing to me, to my wellbeing and to finding my path in life.
Each time I come to circle I am showing up for myself, trying to counter that voice I so often hear that I am not good enough, that I don’t deserve the space because I am good enough and I do deserve time and energy devoted to my own wants and needs. I struggled at first to be there and accept my place in a circle of women because I have had many more male than female friends but sitting in circle is exactly what I needed.
I feel a lot of gratitude for circles and the Yew membership because it’s only ever helped me.
‎It’s lonely being out there trying to pursue a spiritual path on your own without this kind of support. Since I started coming to circle in August last year I’ve made a lot of changes in my life – I’ve left the job that was crushing me, I found the courage to have several difficult conversations I was avoiding, I started trusting myself again after a few years of crippling anxiety, I’m taking time for myself without ‘mum guilt’ and I’ve made lovely genuine new friends which is priceless.
Sometimes it’s an emotional journey, sometimes light and easy but it’s always worth it. Thank you.”


Women’s Circle

“I just wanted to say thank you – after the Circle I attended in September I have spent a lot of time working out what I want.

I have handed in my notice for my job where I have been miserable for years and am looking forward to starting something new in 2023 even if I’m not sure what that is yet!’


Mindfulness coaching & Women’s Circle Attendee

Katie has a very warm and calming nature plus the setting (Creacombe Farm) is idyllic.

I have attended a group mindfulness session and a few women’s circles and have gained a lot from both.

I love connecting with like-minded people and being given the opportunity to share and listen without judgement.

Thank you very much Katie for helping me slow down and connect to self.”


Reiki therapy client

“I went to see Katie as I was in a lot of pain in my knee.

I was overwhelmed with the result. After the first visit the pain was greatly reduced, I then went a couple of times after that and the pain was gone.

My husband who was a bit of a sceptic about this, had a bad back a few weeks later but after seeing my results went to see Katie.

He went for a couple of treatments and was so much better!

He then went on holiday for 10 days and his back became painful again after sitting in a car for 14 hours so Katie preformed a virtual/ distant treatment and once again he was so much better!

We highly recommend Katie, she really does work wonders!”


1:1 Coaching

“Katie is such a kind, loving and caring person.

She has the ability to bring you back to yourself like nobody else.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her and couldn’t recommend her enough!

Thanks Katie for all your support and love.”

Camilla Marsh

Fisheye Marketing

“Katie’s guidance, support and incredible wisdom enabled me to see life through a different lens and turn everything around last year.
The impact is profound and long lasting and 6 months later I am still on the new path, I have seen change across all areas of my life but mainly in the areas that needed to change most – whether I originally realised they did or not..

Katie describes her coaching as getting connected with your heart and soul and there is so much power in doing so, she has a holistic tool kit with everything needed to identify and remove whatever is blocking you from realising your ambitions and dreams.

The Human Design readings and explanations Katie provides are hugely impactful; just recognising that your strengths and weaknesses aren’t always something you can choose is powerful in itself, then identifying how best they may serve you going forward puts all of the power in your hands.
This has altered how I view myself, enabling me to be less of a harsh self critic and more assured of my strengths and the direction I should take. As well as the big game changers, the subtle changes that have come from the coaching have been equally valuable.

Katie is one in a million and so is this opportunity to open your eyes and heart and realise your dreams.”


1:1 Mindfulness & Life Coaching + Human Design Client

“I found Katie on Facebook after joining her free FB Group marketing challenge at the beginning of the pandemic. In the past I’ve joined other FB challenge groups but Katie’s was by far the best I’ve experienced.
Her support, knowledge and value she brought to the group was amazing. Katie just genuinely cares about her clients.

I’ve since gone on to work with Katie on Mindfulness coaching and Human design . Both have been transformational for me and for the direction I’ve taken my business.

Quite simply Katie is a STAR !

I can not recommend her highly enough if you’re looking for a personal, authentic, approach to coaching for you or your business.

Thank you so much Katie!”

Charlotte Lester

CVA Associates / Burnout Slayer

I have had a session with Katie and it was game changing. Being able to talk through my biggest struggle with my business currently to get clarity has made everything so clear.
Katie has a unique way of being able to look at the full picture and then relay what that looks like for you – even better than I know myself!
Katie was able to pull all the answers from inside me, and create the perfect next steps and gave me full clarity in what I should be focusing on. And because the answers come from me, it means the plan Katie gives me is fully aligned to me, and something that gets me excited to shout from the rooftops.
I cannot wait to put all of the amazing learnings to work and see the transformation it makes for me, my business and clients.
Thank you so so much Katie.”


1:1 Coaching

“Where do I start. The work with Katie has been life changing, and believe me I do not say such bold statements often unless it is 100% true.

I worked with Katie to work out how to align my business to how I want it to be, and the way in which it serves me and importantly bring JOY. My session with Katie meant all the moving pieces I have around what the business looks like enabled me to connect them together and create something that I am incredibly proud of and LOVE.

Katie is the most caring and honest person you could meet and if you are feeling disconnected, Katie is absolutely the answer.

Thank you so much Katie, you really have changed my life.”


1:1 Mindfulness Life Coaching Client

“Katie is  amazing!

She really helped me see that stresses from work I was holding onto were exactly that; from work, as in the organisation and their culture.

I had muddled up and began to doubt my abilities to help and serve patients but in fact I was excellent at it. What I was actually taking home and holding onto in terms of energy was the negativity of the work structure and lack of support.

Katie did an excellent visualisation with me which put me at ease and made me feel grounded, she coached me so well and as we explored things and she took me through my visualisation.

Our session was on Thursday evening and yesterday (Friday) at work was the best day I have had in two weeks of having to work alone and manage the bereavement service.

There is no coincidence there, she helped me a lot.

Katie is a natural coach and I am so happy to have been coached by her.”

Jo Hall Transformation Mentor

Jo Hall

I have felt so, so unbelievably different, I have never felt like this before in terms of a deep feeling of knowing and truth inside of me, that I am now following.

I am preparing for my new masterclass, program and the marketing around it and it’s not felt difficult, or awkward, sleazy, icky at all on this path. 

I have just been totally enjoying and embracing it all.

I have been productive, I have been in flow, I have just felt so good, like I have completely got out of my own way finally..if life could continue like this it would be amazing.

I just feel in such a different place and I totally attribute that to the work I have done with you Katie. The embodiment work, the stepping into future Jo, it’s just been amazing, thank you so much.

I would say this is the first time I have honestly really embodied it, I have done it on a superficial level before but this feels like I am being guided by it, I’m making choices, making decisions, stepping into her, being like her now and ease it’s absolutely at the core of it. 

I feel ‘on it’ and totally committed to my future self and business now. It feels really, really good!

Thank you so much for giving me the support, the love and this nugget to truly embody because it’s amazing.


1:1 Coaching

“I find Katie very comforting to be around and never feel judged, which as someone who judges themselves massively, this is so nice.”

Women’s Career Empowerment Coach

Jo Oogarah

“Speaking with Katie has been so helpful.
Sometimes it feels like there are so many rules you need to follow to have a successful business but after my session with Katie I feel like a lot of the “shoulds” that were weighing me down have now been lifted. 
Katie has a lovely gentle manner which creates a safe space to really get to the root of what’s going on. She managed to draw out some things I didn’t even realise were there! 
Since speaking with her I’ve felt a lot lighter, happier and clearer about how I want to show up in my business.
Thanks so much Katie!”


1:1 Mindfulness Life Coaching Client

I came away from my coaching session with Katie feeling very positive. 

Katie’s very calm and natural approach helped to provide a safe and supportive environment.  Due to Katie putting me at ease, I was able to relax and open up to my higher self.  By the end of our session I felt empowered and much clearer and confident with the decision I had made.

Sometimes I struggle with visualisation, but with Katie’s good use of open questions, and getting me to focus on the two parts of my inner conflict, I was able to clearly visualise and weigh up my choices.  Deep down, I think I already knew the answer, but with Katie’s help, I managed to see and feel each part, and knew what felt the right course of action for me to take at this time.  The session flowed very naturally and was a very positive experience.

Katie is an amazing coach and person.”


1:1 Coaching

“Thank you, thank you…
Today’s session was incredibly helpful, insightful and supportive, as was your follow up summary and action points email that followed.
I can’t explain in words the value, you and this process is bringing.
This is going to facilitate such great change and healing…it is already”.