Kundalini Style Yoga 

South Devon & Online

Join me in the nourishing practice of Kundalini yoga ~ breath work, movement, mantra and deep rest. Inspired by the energy of the moon, month or season we are in. Balancing your body, mind and soul.

Kundalini yoga is known as the ‘Mother of all Yoga’s’.

A blend of movement, breath work, mantra and stillness, this ancient practice awakens and reconnects you to the divine energy within you. It can bring quick results, peace and transformation, to body, mind and soul.

The practice is a deeply personal one, inviting you to tune and connect inwards. Carried out with closed eyes, for most of the class, this allows you to not only feel less self conscious, but become more aware of what is happening within your body and energy.

There are no adjustments from the teacher, as Kundalini is about transforming your personal energy and empowering you to listen to and follow your own inner guidance.

During class you will be invited to go at your own pace, in your own time and to be patient with yourself regarding ability and flexibility.

It doesn’t matter where you are now, all that matters is that you are here.

You will be guided through breath work, movement and mantra during your class, with plenty of time to rest and integrate your practice.

The class is relaxed and informal, but deeply transformative and restorative. Kundalini is an energy practice and you will feel the benefits from your first session, leaving with a deep sense of wellbeing.



Online, Brixton (Plymouth) and Newton Ferrers


Online – Monday mornings 9.30am-10.30am

Brixton – Monday evenings 6-7pm

Newton Ferrers – Tuesday mornings 9.15-10.15am


£10 online pay as you go

£11 per class pay as you go – Brixton and Newton Ferrers

£10 per class (block booking) – Brixton and Newton Ferrers

Booking in advance essential, places are limited due to space.


If you’re Kundalini curious, why not come and try your first class for free?

Just use the code: FIRST-FREE at the checkout.**

** One free trial per person, no obligation to return, but I am sure you will love it and will.

Equally if you are happy to pay and support me to deliver this class and pay for the room, I am very grateful ✨


Katie Carswell


The classes are suitable for beginners but anyone is welcome to come along.


An email with what to bring and full directions will be sent to you upon booking



A morning connecting to your inner light, through breath work, movement and meditation/mantra, surrounded by beautiful and uplifting crystal energy.


Carswell Farm, Holbeton, South Devon


Saturday 11th May 10am-12.30pm



A rejuvenating morning of Kundalini yoga

(breath work, movement, mantra) gently moving us from one season to the next,

radiant and ready for a fresh new start.

Join me for this beautiful morning practice to nourish your body, mind and soul with these beautiful Kundalini yoga practices, gentle yet powerful, they will rebalance your chakras, cleanse your glandular system and fill you with a sense of radiance.

Spend the morning surrounded by high vibe crystals to raise the vibration, closing with deep rest and the sound of the gong invoking deep relaxation, releasing any spiralling thoughts and stimulating the glandular system to a higher level of functioning.

Carswell Farm is a large, airy, open space with gorgeous wooden floors and underfloor heating. Come and immerse yourself in the magic of May and leave feeling radiant.

Kundalini | Crystals | Gong | Reiki infused treats

one to one:


Online via Zoom


Weekday, evenings and weekends also available


£25 for 6o minutes

Working with the ancient technology of Kundalini yoga, blended with the other modalities I am trained in, such as mindfulness and spiritual life coaching, cyclical living, moon and earth wisdom, we will spend a nourishing hour together completely tailored to your individual needs.

Working with the power of Kundalini has changed my life so much, I’ve eased myself off medication for a long term health issue, I’ve changed my diet and lifestyle, I’ve lost weight I’ve been struggling to lose for years, I’m happier, calmer, I feel more energised, lighter and brighter. And perhaps most importantly I’m not experiencing the health issues that have plagued me for the past 10 years; where many, many other things have not helped me before.

What’s important to mention is that this has all come about from ‘just’ fully immersing myself in the yoga. It’s allowed me to tap into parts of myself that I couldn’t reach before and from that place, I’ve been shown what I need intuitively.

As a well-being practitioner I consider myself already very in tune with myself, but the kundalini yoga has allowed me to connect on a much deeper level and I’ve just naturally started living differently because of my commitment to it.

These one to one sessions are designed to help you to do the same.

“The beauty of Kundalini is that it takes you beyond the confusion and clutter of daily life to a place where you experience a sense of real freedom and stillness.

At this point the neutral, meditative mind can allow access to inspiration, excitement and new possibilities. Your mind frees itself of the repetitive dialogue of negative voices and confused thoughts – the ancient echoes of the past.

The new, raised energetic frequency at which your mind is operating allows you to listen to your mind’s authentic voice, the voice of your dreams, passions and purpose.

In this neutral space we can accept who we are and embrace all that we are – the light and the shadows, the positive and the negative in us.

Today, most people avoid being with their minds in silence. It can seem at the same time both terrifying and lonely. We avoid this experience by distracting ourselves with external stimuli and busy-ness, to prevent ourselves from going within and developing a conscious relationship with our mind.

This helps to create an illusion of feeling safe and in control. But it is in the quiet still moments that we have potential to off-load the constant chatter and come to a point of peace.”

Kathryn McCusker ~ Teacher and Author  of Everyday Kundalini.

The power of breath work, movement and mantra.

In Kundalini Yoga the focus is on mantra, movement and the transformation of energy in your nervous and glandular systems.

We practice kriyas – specific sequences of yoga postures, breath techniques, and meditations – to produce specific results. This could be something concrete, like vitality or better digestion, or something etheric like intuition or an open heart. Each kriya comes with precise instructions and includes the following components:

Asana: yoga postures

Mudras: hand positions

Pranayama: breathwork

Mantras: intentional, repeated sounds

Bandhas: constriction of a particular area of the body

Drishti: directing the gaze of the eyes

Shivasana: deep relaxation at the end of practice

Each Kundalini Yoga kriya is designed to be practiced as a complete yoga set for relaxation and rejuvenation of body, mind, and spirit

Kundalini Yoga is known to assist change and self-limiting habits.

It is a transformational system designed to release blocks to the reservoirs of untapped energy within us.

It is designed to balance the glandular system and revitalize the nervous systems.

It works to build, clear, and balance the subtle systems of the nadis (energy channels) and the chakras. 

It includes hydrotherapy and breathing practices and other established practices for optimal health and optimal functioning.

It is a science

When energy moves freely through the chakras, it stimulates the mental, physical, and spiritual health of the being. There is a clarity that arises that combines perception, thought, and intuition.

Taken from the 3HO website. You can read more here.

kind words

from people I have helped

The work with Katie has been life changing, and believe me I do not say such bold statements unless it is 100% true.

Transformational coaching
Katie has a unique way of being able to look at the full picture and then relay what that looks like for you – even better than I know myself!
Business Coach, Plymouth, South Hams, Totnes, Kingbridge, Devon

“Katie is  amazing!

Transformational coaching

“I have felt so, so unbelievably different, I have never felt like this before in terms of a deep feeling of knowing and truth inside of me, that I am now following.

I just feel in such a different place and I totally attribute that to the work I have done with you Katie. The embodiment work, the stepping into future Jo, it’s just been amazing, thank you so much.”

Transformational coaching

“I find Katie very comforting to be around and never feel judged, which as someone who judges themselves massively, this is so nice.”

Transformational coaching
“Thank you, thank you…
I can’t explain in words the value, you and this process is bringing.
This is going to facilitate such great change and healing…it is already”.
Life and business coaching

If you have been thinking ‘there must be more to life than this or what next?..’ then try out Katie’s Circles – your wellbeing will thank you for it!

“Katie holds space for those who need it and it is a really non judgemental, nourishing environment to attend. The spaces she uses are beautiful and cosy environments and she is always welcoming and friendly. The circles are well structured but each person is given the time and space they need. The circle and sound events are a whole new level of special.”